Some notes from Iceland ...

A winter's sky looms above Graenvatn - Green Lake - from Seltun, Krysuvik, Reykjanes Peninsula, southwest Iceland.  The location and ambience is a reference to crime fiction writer, Arnaldur Indridason.

Grænvatn. ⦰ 

Volcano erupting, Iceland.

[Paolo, why do people keep getting in my picture?  LoL. Thank you RAX for dragging me out.]

A photographer shoots northern lights above Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon. The Bárðarbunga volcanic eruption glows on the horizon, circa 95 km across Vatnajokull icecap. Vatnajokull National Park, south coast, Iceland.


This photographer came from Whitehorse. 
I asked: Don't you have great auroras in the Yukon? ... "but not with a volcanic eruption".
Bárðarbunga volcano glows on the horizon, circa 95 km across the Vatnajokull icecap. 

Max, Northern Light Inn's golden retriever, watching the aurora borealis. Grindavik, Southern Peninsula, Iceland.

Max — some dogs enjoy auroras too.

The Blue Lagoon geothermal power plant, Svartsengi, Grindavik, southwest Iceland.

Svartsengi Power Station. Expelled waters become the Blue Lagoon.
My turn around axiom: 180º opposite the hotel image 2 above.

Blue Lagoon Road.

A magma simulation at geothermal  Reykjanesvirkjun, Reykjanes Power Station, Reykjanes Peninsula, southwest Iceland.

Reykjanesvirkjun ⦰ 

Reykjavik harbor at night, Iceland.

Reykjavík ⦰ 

Firework, Olafsfjordur, Iceland.

Olafsfjordur ⦰ 

Cod catch, Olafsfjordur.

Ólafsfjörður ⦰ 

The original Blue Lagoon
National Geographic books

Kids playing in an old wheel house, Flatey Island, Breiðafjörður, Westfjords, Iceland.

Flatey ⦰ 

A shepherd recovering a sheep on a mountain ridge of Landmannalaugar, Fjallabak Nature Reserve, Iceland.

⦰  National Geographic Traveler

Hiker traversing lava flows in Landmannalaugar, Fjallabak Nature Reserve, Iceland.

⦰  National Geographic Traveler

Sheep, driftwood, and lost fish net floats, around 1 AM on Árneshreppur beach, Iceland.

Árneshreppur, after 1 am ⦰ 

Hikers on Nesjavellir hot water pipeline @ Thingvellir, Iceland.

Nesjavellir ~> Thingvellir ⦰ 

Hot water tanks of Grafarholt frame their source and the pipeline that comes from the geothermal volcanic mountains east of Reykjavik, Iceland.

Grafarholt, for Len
⦰  Liberation

A lone woman walks between the hot water tanks of Grafarholt, north Reykjavik, Iceland.

Grafarholt, turn around axiom again
⦰  Liberation

A lone woman smokes a cigarette along  Tryggvagata, one of Reykjavik's oldest street, Iceland.

⦰  Liberation

Almost midnight, Solon tosses my hat, Hofsos, Iceland.

Almost midnight, Hofsós ⦰ 


Much more from elsewhere waiting endlessly to be processed ... 

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