American / Icelandic Brooks Walker photographs documentary, cultural and editorial images for leading publications and institutions around the world. 

Born in New York City and now a resident of Reykjavik, he has lived and traveled internationally since infancy, first with a peripatetic artistic family through the Middle East to Asia and Europe, and then professionally to assignment destinations around the world. 

From his parents, he learned to discover ancient and nascent cultures,  and the importance of creatively transmitting collective knowledge. 

He is passionate about capturing beautiful, heartfelt and informative images that share insightful anecdotes about everything and anything,  from the mundane to the magnificent, and accepts the challenge of making meaningful singular images in our age of googolplexing snaps.

The first camera he looked through — from the vantage point of his father’s shoulders— was a Rolleiflex and he has enjoyed photography ever since. 

National Geographic Magazine and NG Traveler (+formerly a contributing editor), Metropolitan Museum, Smithsonian Magazine, Archaeology Magazine, New York Times Sophisticated Traveler, Condé Nast Traveler and sister publications, Bloomberg, US News & World Report, UNESCO and many more. Thank You All!

For the Italian art publisher FMR– Roma Il Colosseo (Colosseum of Rome), Venini (Venetian glass), Bodoni (typographic biography x 2) Egypte-Egypte (for the Egyptian Govt. @ Institut du Monde Arabe) and 40 Grand Tour pocket guides.

Awards: Lowell Thomas Award, Art Directors Club Italiano Award, Barbi Colombini. 

Some Critiques
"Ouu, I can't stand this kind of book" American art publisher looking at FMR Venini. "Ouu, I can't stand this kind of food"  Italian art director looking at L'Etichetta.
"I can't stand this, it's like looking at Avedon's portraits — I don't want to be so close." American picture editor looking at L'Etichetta food images.
"I only liked [sort of] a couple of pictures, but couldn't tell if you had shot them on purpose or not." Magnum photographer.
"I don't see your angst." Brooklyn Museum photography curator.  
"Your work is too artistic for us." Metropolitan Museum Bulletin editor.
" Wow, did you shoot those pictures? The're good enough to be sold at IKEA!"
A friend's daughter. 

Formed 3 corporations including a 501(c)(3) dance company, has been a professional dancer, choreographer, event producer in Italy, marketing director in Japan, multimedia editor, book & graphic designer, film crew coordinator & fixer, and in the recent past, a museum guide on the remote south coast of Iceland.

Polymath autodidact.
Understands from doing, learns from observing and teaches through sharing. 

HLI Academies-Japan, Icelandic University of the Arts, Reykjavík School of Visual Arts, Tækniskólinn of Iceland.

Brooks’ classes, workshops and tours for photographers blend his 3 C’s of photography: capture, conserve and communicate. 

The value of a flâneur's curiosity and purpose for richer images.

What is your Purpose?
Every picture has a purpose, and its purpose guides its realization.

Student Feedback
  " ... THANK YOU for being a good teacher. You helped me to find who I am and what I love to do the most :) " Elena T.

Mother tongue English, fluent Italian, acceptable French - even in Paris, a smattering of Japanese and struggling forever with Icelandic.

Herbert Brooks Walker II, sculptor, and Solon Walker Brooksson.

My father sculpting my son.