Notes to Numen

A cart load of magazines to fuel the grappa still of Romano Levi, Nieve, Piemonte, Italy.

A cart load of magazines to fuel Romano Levi's grappa still, of Nieve.
"Pericolo" = danger, behind the curtain?
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Capital detail, Abbey of Casamari, a benedictine monastery, Italy.

Capital, Casamari
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Numen: the spirit or divine power presiding over a thing or place.
"the spirit of the place—its numen—was strong"


The literal meaning is simply "a nod", or more accurately, for it is a passive formation, "that which is produced by nodding", just as flamen is "that which is produced by blowing", i.e., a gust of wind. 

It came to mean "the product or expression of power" — not, be it noted, power itself.[8]

Numen (plural numina) is a Latin term for "divinity", "divine presence", or "divine will."  

The Latin authors defined it as follows:[1] Cicero writes of a "divine mind" (divina mens), a god "whose numen everything obeys," and a "divine power" (vis divina) "which pervades the lives of men."

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