Shooting editorial, cultural and documentary photographic assignments worldwide.

Aoi Matsuri Festival, Kyoto.

National Geographic Traveler, Smithsonian.

Easter, Lalibela, Ethiopia.

Holy Night, Lalibela, Ethiopia.

National Geographic Traveler.

Romantic Russian tourists relax next to a solfatara in Krafla, Iceland.

Romantic Russian tourists, Krafla, Iceland.

National Geographic Traveler, "LIFE ATOP A CAULDRON" opening spread.

A shark fermentation master checks the aroma of fermentation, Salty Tours, Grindavik, Iceland.

A shark fermentation master checks the aroma, Grindavik, Iceland.

Salty Tours.

Yngvi Orn Kristinsson, Landsbanki chief economist of Landsbanki at the time, holds his head as he describes Icesave and Iceland's financial crisis in 2008.

Yngvi Orn Kristinsson, Landsbanki's chief economist, describes Iceland's financial in 2008.

L'HEBDO "Islande, La fin d'un Reve".

Berlusconi at home.

Silvio Berlusconi at home while filming his self-promo Christmas message to the "popolo" of Italy.


Woman in an alley, Stonetown, Zanzibar, Tanzania.


National Geographic Traveler.

Roman Sculpture Court, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Roman Sculpture Court, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

MET brochure.

Octopus cart, Naples. Italy.

Octopus cart, Napoli.

Condé Nast Traveler.

Citrus juice bar, Naples, Italy..

Citrus juice bar, Napoli.

Condé Nast Traveler.

© • Mr Natale checking San Daniele prosciuttos

Mr Natale, prosciutto maestro, San Daniele.

Condé Nast Traveler.

Salami butts.


Bruschetta, Tuscany.

Bruschetta, Tuscany.

Geo Saison.

© • boulangerie Poilâne, Paris, France.

A boule coming out of the oven at Boulangerie Poilâne, Paris.


Aceto balsamico, Sole di Maleo, Lombardy.


Oyster bar, C Restaurant, Vancouver.

National Geographic Traveler.

© • Iceland.

Simulating magma, Reykjanesviti, Niceland.

© • Covers

Some magazine covers

© • Covers
© • Covers

and a few more

© • Covers
© • Lazio Delizie FMR


FMR Roma Il Colosseo, Egypte-Egypte, Venini, Bodoni, Panatanee, FMR Grand Tour

+40 FMR pocket guides to “lost or forgotten” cultural assets, monuments and institutions of Italy.

Pøbel's bear shopping for ice in Jokulsarlon.

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Brooks Walker, based in Reykjavik, shoots editorial, cultural and documentary photographic assignments worldwide.


Create beautiful, heartfelt, and informative images.


FMR: Roma Il Colosseo, Egypte-Egypte, Venini, Bodoni (2), Lazio Delle Delizie, Panatanee.FMR Grand Tour & 40+ pocket guides to “lost or forgotten” cultural assets, monuments and institutions of Italy.


Lowell Thomas Award, Art Directors Club Italiano for Sole di Maleo, Premio Barbi Colombini


Borealis Works designs comprehensive, creative, and cost-effective imaging solutions for new and refreshing ventures.

Producer / Fixer

Coordinator for photographic campaigns & video productions.


National Geographic, The New York Times, The Metropolitan Museum, Smithsonian Magazine, Archaeology Magazine, Brioni, Condé Nast Traveler, Die Zeit, Dior, Geo, GQ, Vogue, Bloomberg, US News & World Report, Libération, L'Hebdo, L'Etichetta, FMR, National Museum of Iceland, UNESCO, Muji, Panasonic, Acid Man, and many more ... Thank You All!