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Create beautiful, heartfelt, and informative images – and help others create theirs.


Brooks Walker, American-Icelandic photographer, shoots editorial, cultural and documentary

photography assignments worldwide. He is based in Reykjavik with pied-à-terre’s in Berlin,
Milan, London, New York, and Vermont.


National Geographic, The New York Times, The Metropolitan Museum, Smithsonian Magazine,
Archaeology Magazine, Brioni, Condé Nast Traveler, Die Zeit, Dior, Geo, GQ, Vogue, Bloomberg,
US News & World Report, Libération, L'Hebdo, L'Etichetta, FMR, National Museum of Iceland,
Reykjavik Art Museum, UNESCO, and more...


Roma Il Colosseo, Egypte-Egypte, Venini, Bodoni, Panatanee, Sole di Maleo, FMR Grand Tour
40 pocket guides to “lost or forgotten” cultural assets, monuments and institutions of Italy.


Lowell Thomas Award, Art Directors Club Italiano, Premio Barbi Colombini

Design & Production

For his Icelandic production company Borealis Works, he designs comprehensive,
creative, and cost-effective imaging solutions for new and refreshing ventures.


Brooks produces and coordinates location shoots for photographic campaigns and video productions.

Workshops & Guiding

Brooks is available for photographic workshops and guiding services, especially in Iceland and Italy.